What you should know before undergoing a Stretch Mark Surgery

What is plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and Stretch Mark Surgery?

Despite the claims of many practitioners, there is no evidence to support any claim that surgery can eliminate or reduce stretch marks or as they are known in medical circles, striae distensae. The surgery is actually a very expensive route and can be risky when it comes to scars streaks, especially now that there are several very effective topical treatments on the market.


Surgical options for stretch marks scars consist of laser surgery, microdermabrasion and abdominoplasty. Results for all of these procedures vary by age, skin type, and overall health, but below you will find what to generally expect these three procedures.


Laser surgery

Practitioners of laser surgery argue that this method stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis, meets all the stretch marks at the bottom. Laser surgery stretch mark users have reported varying levels of the process of pain, with some reporting no pain, and others saying it was very painful. The procedure can be expensive, up to $ 1000 dollars per session, and you may need several sessions. Critics of this procedure claim that lasers can not stimulate collagen at all, they remove the outer layers of the skin and tissues, actually change the appearance of the scar, but not to repair it in any way.



Microdermabrasion is the process in which small crystals of aluminum oxide or other components are sprayed on the skin effectively “grind” the outer layers of dead skin. This causes new, healthy skin to produce the case of old dead cells were washed away. It is claimed that it helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Detractors against microdermabrasion stretch marks surgery complians that this procedure affects only the outer layers of the skin, the epidermis, while the scars stretch marks reside in a lower layer, the dermis. This procedure varies widely in price, with some small clinics provide relatively cheap for a few hundred dollars, while some day spas and thousands of health and beauty clinics charge a bit more.



Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, is stretch mark surgery only guarantee to get rid of the body scars. This is because a surface of the skin of the abdomen is completely removed, with an amount of fat and tissue and the skin is replaced. The marks on the skin removed eventually excised from the body.

The major disadvantage of this procedure is that it removes only marks on the abdomen, specifically the area below the navel, so if you have marks on the legs, buttocks or breasts, you don’t are out of luck. It is also expensive, painful, and is a major surgery requiring a hospital stay and all other risks associated with surgery.


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