What’s new in makeup: Violent Lips Lip design

Violent Lips is a new and unique proposal makeup is a tattoo for lips that comes in various designs and colors, as well as you can find it with pictures and drawings striking animal print, dots, lines, boxes, etc.

No doubt this is a trend very bold and full range of Violent Lips which are carried over brightness, since they are much more “usable” and within all discrete. For every pack of lip tattoos come three Violent Lips.

What's new in makeup Violent Lips Lip design

Using this makeup is very simple, you have to have dry lips and take measurements of your mouth so that the tattoo to adhere properly, once you do this you need to apply water onto the stencil paper which is the make-up and transferring the design to your lips.

When removing the Violent Lips only need to use a little baby oil soaked in a speck of cotton.

The advantage of Violent Lips on traditional lip is not running and lasts much longer, remains unchanged even if you eat or drink, although the duration depends very much on your skin type and care we provide, in general can remain intact for 4 to 8 hours.

The Violent Lips is made “pre built” like the one already known to the eyelids and is a very interesting proposal for women who have little time for grooming and a little minutes that you can get a great look without greater efforts.

To better understand how applied by the Violent Lips will leave a very entertaining instructional video which you can use these tattoos without problems.


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