WhatsApp Friend Finder, new scam on Facebook

Although one in six people worldwide have an account on Facebook, and it is the most powerful social network on the planet, it seems that’s not enough for developers and security managers will take the time to ensure your users. A new example is the recent emergence of a new scam ads section within the site, specifically called WhatsApp Friend Finder.

As is evident according to the name of the product on offer, this is a new scam that promises all users have the possibility to find new friends in WhatsApp, fashionable IM service these days. However, not only is a malicious application, it can cost up to seven euros each time you send us a message.

WhatsApp Friend Finder, more of the same

Obviously, WhatsApp Friend Finder is a new scam, and since we found in Facebook ads have become the ideal platform for spreading scams like this, it’s time to complain to the network that the review before publishing, preventing the way users see harmed.

WhatsApp Friend Finder, the new scheme that we are interested in this case

WhatsApp Friend Finder, the new scheme that we are interested in this case, managed to add several people due to its promise to “expand our contact list for chat relate to them. “Its operation is very simple, because it has the box to enter your mobile phone number, and there begins the trap. The strange thing is that its legal issues and warns that it has nothing to do with WhatsApp. Really amazing.

Large-scale scam

But beyond these services as a scam usually take away money, it seems that WhatsApp Friend Finder has gone further, since according to users, it has a cost of 1.45 euros on Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo and 7.26 euros per message received on Movistar. If we think of each billing period can receive up to 25 messages, the Movistar monthly cost would be a little more than 180 euros.


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