WhatsApp protection is not as safe as it seems

A couple of weeks ago we congratulated ourselves with the social network update WhatsApp for iPhone to contain the long-awaited message encryption. With it finally protecting the information that we send to our contacts, encrypting it right out of our terminal servers to WhatsApp and back to the recipient. Thus, our messages can no longer be captured and read by third parties. Or at least that’s the theory.

WhatsApp protection is not as safe as it seems

And, the encryption is done by applying a code that encrypt information mathematically. So, who discovers that code can decrypt messages and access your information. The problem of WhatsApp is that, according to several blogs and websites online, these codes are related to the importance of data terminals. Something that further compromises our privacy and reveal how WhatsApp read our messages and collect data from our smartphone.

Thus, a developer of Android platform has discovered and published that in the case of this operating system, code encryption is based on the number IMEI. That which is proper to each terminal and can provide access to several of its services. While it is true that the process of decoding is not easy nor accessible to all users, and there are those who explained the process. Something that has to do with the algorithm MD5 and this code IMEI. But it is the only platform that has known its secrets.

An Italian security expert has also given with the code used in iPhone by WhatsApp to encode messages. Here is a little more alarmed even as it is generated by the MAC address of the WiFi access point that connects the user to use the social network. A safety point can be weaker than spying techniques sniffing capturing data and network devices that are connected to it.

To all this we must talk about programs and applications dedicated to scan networks for backdoors or holes programming. However, do not be alarmed. As we say, you must have the necessary knowledge and tools. Moreover, these security issues often occur in wireless WiFi, where more than one user has access, so it is best to avoid as far as possible, trying to connect only safe points.

Also, do not detract from the work of programmers WhatsApp that, although it has been, and is, the safer application, are notable efforts to improve gradually with updates. Improvements include not only new features, like the ability to create group conversations up to 30 contacts, you just enable for iPhone, but to improve security and protect the privacy of users of this social network so widespread and used.


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