When Late period or delays in menstrual periods occurs?

The delays in menstrual periods are common circumstances that do not necessarily indicate pregnancy. Nor should you think from the outset that you have a health problem. If menstruation do not have come on due time, you should keep quiet. Some days delaying may be also within normal for some woman. To make sure it is so, you must make an appointment with a doctor.

delays in menstrual periods


Late period or Pregnancy?

The first thing you thought probably is in the pregnancy. If you’ve taken care properly, i.e. you used your method of contraception (such as pills, patches, etc.), without forgetting a single day, pregnancy is unlikely to occur. The same applies if you use an IUD or if you have had sex using a condom from the beginning of the relationship.

If you are within one week late and you make an instant pregnancy test through urine , you may get a false negative, i.e. you can get a negative result even if you are pregnant. For greater security, do the test again after 48 to 72 hours with the first morning urine or follow the product directions.

Another way to know if you are pregnant is through a blood test you can do in a hospital and is more accurate. The result is obtained in the same day.


Other physiological reasons

If you are young and you have your first menstrual cycle, you can have delays of up to even two months before your period is going to formalize single course.

If you are in your first few cycles, you can have delays of up to three days without an indication that something is wrong. Other reasons may be over physical-exercise, some medications, ovarian cysts, diet problems and hormonal irregularities are often solved with the use of contraceptives, anemia or thyroid problems.

In all cases, you should make inquiries with a gynecologist regularly for information on health status.


Psychological reasons

The stress and anxiety are common factors in the delay of the rule. Some women who work long hours and are very nervous for one reason or anxious about whether a small delay may be a sign of pregnancy, can cause some women to delay even longer than 10 days.

In case of delays so extensive that a specialist is necessary to indicate the necessary studies to determine the causes.


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