Where to get an abortion for unwanted pregnancy?

Not always the news of a pregnancy is cause for joy when the baby’s arrival is not something desired, planned or wanted, having a child is a fact that causes frustration, pain, fear and sadness. It is important to note that, because in many cases the pregnancy is not wanted, but it is very well received and accepted, while in others it is not sought or accepted.

An unwanted pregnancy is largely the result of error as well a contraceptive failure. Similarly today to avoid a pregnancy is not impossible, a wide variety of methods that prevent pregnancy effectively, sex has to be a desired act responsibly, but unfortunately in fact not so well and gives due to unwanted pregnancies.

The causes of unwanted pregnancies may be:

  • Failure of contraceptive methods, a puncture in the condom that is not noticed or exceptional pill failure
  • The impossibility of having access to contraception
  • Ignorance, many people use unsafe methods because of ignorance or fear of the effects that can give modern contraceptives, as well as give use bad contraceptive systems
  • Lack of information about abortion, usually happens to teens who have their sexual debut without all the necessary skills for safe sex
  • Human mistakes such as forgetting the pill.
  • Rape and sexual abuse.

When an unwanted pregnancy, women have three options to turn to:

  • One is obviously to go ahead with the pregnancy and raise her son to accept that what’s done is done and then on to start a new life as a mother.
  • Have the child and once born the baby for adoption.
  • Stop the pregnancy.

An unwanted pregnancy leads to complications father and mother, but it is noteworthy that the baby feels everything that women experience, the rejection of it affects your future baby’s emotion and that is why if it is born so unconscious feel rejected and even abandoned by his mother.

unwanted pregnancy is the result of error as well a contraceptive failure

A pregnancy is perceived differently by men than by women, primarily because it is she who experience the physical changes involved, and second because men often go away or stay and put pressure on women to do what they believe and proper place in it all the responsibility.

Another factor is because it usually falls on women the responsibility to use contraceptives, it is they who live in the flesh interruption or continuation of pregnancy and finally the fact that being a mother is linked to womanhood, and society not welcomed to a female who refuses to have a child.

Pregnancy must be a conscious decision by the woman and her partner (if any), not something lightly and is not good that the case of an accident, it may not arrive in good time.

If you do not want having a child should not skimp on effective contraception and safe, better safe than having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy, where many will suffer and mourn.


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