Why to use IP telephony?

IP telephony systems offer users a number of significant advantages in comparison to the platform that have traditional communication methods. Therefore it is not surprising that one of the first areas in which it has begun to use IP telephony are precisely enterprises, since they need a reliable, effective communication system and at the same time that reduce the costs of use.

IP telephony systems is effective communication system

We have already reviewed some of the benefits that characterize this communication system, such as the fact it is a really economical method in comparison to others of its kind. Then you get closer information about other important advantages that reports the use of IP telephony.

In this sense, another advantages offered by this technology resides in that provides us with reports of calls in real time, so we get more control over the communications carried out.

It is important to mention that the IP telephony allows us to significantly reduce the costs of maintenance, since the extensions of the system can be configured through the network by its users.

IP telephony not only gives us a more economical than traditional communications media, but it also offers a wide variety of features which we never used with other conventional systems.

Therefore, that many companies are starting to incorporate this type of communication system, allowing you to keep a really much more effective structure, since it works with a centralized method calls, which pass through a single electronic receptionist that will transfer all incoming calls, allowing in this way to improve the working times.

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We have noted that, through the use of IP telephony technology, all users in the system can access and listen to voice messages received, via the Web or from your own email account, allowing you to achieve greater flexibility and mobility in communications.

This type of communication makes it possible that calls that are received at the Office can immediately be transferred to the mobile phone of the user, at the time that the employee is not at work. This of course WINS time and efficiency.

It should be noted that IP telephony offers the possibility to use different devices to establish communications, so it can be used special wireless computers, mobile phones, PDAs and others.

Last, but not less important, is the actual fact of the significant reduction of wiring, since the IP Telephony works differently than the traditional methods, by which can choose to operate a fully wireless system, with which we will succeed in eliminating completely the telephone wiring, and even to dispense with him if we have of connection wireless Internet.


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