WINDOWS startup programs: speed up your system boot

The WINDOWS startup programs start every time you restart the computer automatically. Although these services should be an advantage, they can also be unpleasant.

It can be a major annoyance for computers, when some of its components into a software startup menu takes. This program is inserted into the boot process, so each time you restart your computer, run all sorts of programs in the background without you knowing it. All these processes require memory, CPU time and other resources and can thus slow down the system considerably, or even to crash your computer. Here are some tips how you run only needed programs.

WINDOWS startup programs: speed up your system boot

Sometimes some notorious companies distribute their software over the Internet, without knowing that the software is installed on your computer. Some of these companies, which are irritating practices use Intuit, AOL, and RealMedia. Even Windows itself makes many unnecessary services running in the background when the system is running with the default configuration. Fortunately, there are several methods to repair these wasteful and unnecessary processes.

Rather than eliminate these WINDOWS startup programs, it is useful to prevent just that they are started without being asked. A more serious problem here, however, spyware and adware. These programs can also be opened in the background every time. These virus can be removed with a special software.

Windows configuration tool

Windows includes two accessories for the monitoring and configuration of the WINDOWS startup programs and services. One is the System Configuration Utility and the other is the console service.

The Registry Editor can be used as a last resort. In addition to programs (executable files), there are other processes as which are known as “services”, both of which can be run in the background.

WINDOWS includes a module for the service console (services.msc) is known for the configuration of services and programs. Everything starts with the same system can also be controlled by the registry editor (regedit). However, this solution is only recommended for stubborn cases and only suitable for experienced Windows PC users.

Other software tools for controlling startup

Additionally, the, there are a number of programs or tools available to control Windows startup programs. An excellent freeware program is WinPatrol.

This program contains a number of features, including an Internet cookie manager. There is a function which emits statements whether a service is actually needed or not, this is a good decision to help remove malware. There is also a paid version with additional features.


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