Breast augmentations without implants

You wonder how, but yes! There is a technique for breast enhancement without the need for breast implants.

It refers to the transfer of autologous fatty tissue and stem cells, which is revolutionizing the known techniques for aesthetic medicine.

Without implants breast augmentations

Aesthetic uses of this new technique.

It may be applied in cases of breast reconstruction in patients undergoing mastectomy and/or conservative surgery, having suffered some form of breast cancer. It can also be applied in correction treatments for complications, appeared after using breast implants. This technique is beneficial, especially for women who do not want to take implants, and is very useful for correcting any other body part.

The benefits of this technique is that no foreign bodies enter the body, since it uses the same oil from the patient, and it is extracted by a technique that does not damage cells called adipocytes and predipositos, obtaining satisfactory results, and acceptance of the body much above 80%.

The volumes that are added by this technique does not change over time, the postoperative process is much faster and less painful, allowing a recovery within days.


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