Women’s health follow – Advantages of Period Calendar

Perform the periodic calendar brings some advantages, not only to achieve better understanding of your body, but also the timely detection of diseases.

You know the problem, you have a screening appointment with your gynecologist and can not answer the question of the date of your last period. It is not difficult to follow a period calendar. Forms for such a calendar you can print via the Internet, but also get your gynecologist and / or in the pharmacy. It is especially true of young girls cycle still runs very irregular and it can come with them to a cycle of 21 to 35 days, it is recommended that a period calendar (to) be followed.

Women's health follow - Advantages of Period Calendar

After you print your calendar period, or concern in the pharmacy, you start from the first day of your period to be kept on the calendar. This gives you not only get a better overview of your cycle, but you can also plan example for an upcoming trip or a short trip over the weekend, better, whether they may need to carry pads or tampons, since your period is probably imminent.

On the first day of your period, you put a cross in your calendar, and on all other days you still have your period. Now from the first day to 28 – 35 days (depending on cycle length) are added to determine the beginning of your next accounting period. Likewise, you can enter as strong or weak passes the period, or if you possibly with accompanying symptoms such as abdominal pain or nausea, mood swings and / or suffer headaches.

The advantages of the period calendar Following

The period calendar not only helps your own cycle to get to know better, but the period can be very following calendar helpful to your gynecologist, as a result of this can judge your health better. Likewise, your gynecologist can determine based on your cycle, for the most suitable method of contraception.

For young girls, the following period calendar can be very useful as it allows the gynecologist to determine whether they develop normally and age. Since its abnormal menstrual bleeding is a sign of health disorder, by the period calendar you can determine causes of disease in time, or do not even appear in early detection. Follow the period calendar- but generally recommended for any woman so as to better understand their own bodies.


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