Women’s Health: Period calculate – how it works

If you listen to your body and pay attention to your cycle, you can easily and accurately calculate your monthly period.

Every woman has different symptoms before, during and after periods. To be able to calculate your exact period, you need to know these characters. Therefore you should monitor your body during one to three cycles only once. Write down when the first and last day of your period and how long it takes until the next bleeding occurs. Package is said that a cycle has 28 days and begins on the first day of bleeding. This takes about three to seven days. This basic knowledge is important in order to be able to calculate the period.

Women's Health Period calculate - how it works

You start on the first day of your period, the cycle that lasts 28 days to count. This is important so that later you can calculate the period. If you get your period on the first of the month, then the bleeding would have on 29 use of the same month again.

At the time of bleeding dissolves the top layer from the endometrium. The detached parts mix each month with about 50 milliliters of blood. To support the replacement of the endometrium, pulls together the muscles of the uterus. That is the reason why some women suffer from menstrual pain.

At the end of menstruation begin again been the build-up processes in the ovary, leading to the end of the bleeding. If your cycle is regular and always takes a long time, this method allows you to calculate your period, is very safe.

Several factors influence the cycle length

There are many factors that can influence the length of your cycle. First, it may be the secretion of hormones that act on the change in cycle. So if you have an irregular cycle, then talk to your gynecologist to make the measure hormone levels. In young girls, who not so long have her period, it is normal for the cycle levels off only after six to twelve months.

Body weight and nutritional status also play a role, because if you suffer from being underweight can the hormone secretion and thus bring the period to a halt. But women with extreme obesity often have menstrual irregularities. The best way to carry your menstrual period always in a menstrual diary so you can calculate the period.


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