Wooden porch or aluminum veranda: everything for your freshness

Have you decided to splurge on a porch? Follow these tips to make a living room whatever the season.

A veranda is a place to stay and relax. But it also plays a key role in the thermal comfort of home.

The orientation of the conservatory

Guidance to the north and east have lost their relevance in favor of the south, inexhaustible source of calories solar welcome in winter to reduce energy costs. A development permitted by the great progress achieved by the glazing and insulation over the last twenty years. Treatment or reflective insulation and various occult systems now allow the installation of bathrooms, workshops, offices, bedrooms or even swimming pools. The heat is absorbed and channeled, can heat the rest of the house.

Wooden porch or aluminum veranda everything for your freshness


Aluminum and PVC have joined the three traditional materials – steel, brick and wood – now offering a range of shapes and seamless adaptation to any type of building. The conservatory has become a part of its own and the symbol of a certain sweetness of life.

The comfort of the veranda

The aesthetics of your conservatory is certainly important, but it is not alone. A conservatory must ensure lasting comfort and safety for its occupants, that is to say a perfect airtight and water and good thermal insulation. Similarly, resistance to impact, wind, heavy snow (and what about the simultaneous action of snow and wind!). Depends on specific standards established based on certain factors such as environment (urban or not), the region, elevation or slope of the roof.

1. Finding your style

To make a choice, several criteria are involved: the style of your home, the local architectural requirements, orientation, environment and plant your lifestyle and your aesthetic sensibilities. Side roof, do you prefer one or more slopes? There are increasing opportunities, combined with finishes increasingly treated. In urban areas, the trend is the flat roof, contemporary, which solves the problems of integration (and height) over existing roofs. Some may even be revegetated. A solution that requires special care for storm drainage and lighting. A skylight may be unavoidable.

2. Choose material


In 95% of cases, it will be aluminum. It allows color, wood grain or fine metallic effects, and presents a significant advantage: the lack of maintenance. The type of structure (chevron tubular, spine, cover) determines the appearance of the roof and its technical characteristics. For those who do not have a passion for contemporary design, the rafters tubular “French” remind them of framing timber.


Another choice, all wood that has undeniable aesthetic advantages, but also of maintenance. The ideal is to opt for a mixed porch (wood / alu) ensuring both thermal insulation, weather resistance and low maintenance. Only drawback: the price.


It is suitable both for roofs in the old and contemporary. Interesting for the sharpness of the profiles and large spans, it also benefits from the same treatments as aluminum corrosion.


It concerns mainly small-sized verandas and rather white. Although performing a thermal standpoint, and cheaper to equal volume and surface, yet it’s hard to grow in France.

3. Focus on comfort

Thermal insulation

Before you even think about heating or, worse, air conditioning (a conservatory must be broken down by itself), consider the thermal insulation . This results in the use of profiles to thermal break for aluminum, by filling materials adapted to the orientation and climate (opaque or not), for effective ventilation and occlusion (internal or external blinds ).


The sound may relate to external noise and / or impact of the rain. Know that only open verandahs on the house receive regulations for exterior noise. A professional will advise you in choosing the insulation (glass or sandwich panels). He must also comply with rules for setting the aluminum rafters to prevent transmission of vibrations through the structure.

Visual Comfort

Two priorities for visual comfort: avoiding the glare of day and provide lighting at night. Glare attenuates with suitable glazing, blinds or shutters. For lighting, avoid DIY. The installation of electrical equipment must meet standards, and it is better to entrust a professional connection to the power grid from home. However, installers of sunrooms can provide cabling for discreet roof, made of factory lights, sockets, electric shutters and blinds, air extractor, sound and various alarms.

4. Choose transparent or opaque roof

The 100% transparent or translucent

The double glazing has always a laminated layer of security for falling objects. It can combine several functions, whose characteristics are determined according to the exhibition and the region: thermal and acoustic insulation, solar control, self-cleaning property, burglar … The addition of a motorized roller blind is an effective solution against cold, sun and attempted theft. Synthetic materials, polycarbonate, require a serious guarantee of performance and durability (UV resistance for example). Beware of bargains too.

The 100% opaque

Traditional roofing slate or tile with conventional insulation or thin are possible but require a suitable structure. Insulating sandwich panels fit, meanwhile, for most architectures: external surface, there are imitation slate or tile (composite materials), and inside, various finishes (plaster effect, color, etc.).

Blended solutions combining parts transparent and opaque parts grow, because it is often the best compromise between clarity and comfort. You can insert opening motorized practices in hot weather.

5. Opt for functional occlusion

Roof, an awning outside protects from glare and heat. But for climatic reasons, technical or aesthetic, it is sometimes impossible to install. It exists in this case integral blinds in the double glazing or blinds tailored for complex configurations. Opt for solutions that are easy to maneuver (engines), to maintain and resistant to moisture (especially if the conservatory is home to your kitchen). Choose a safe and discrete winding sure that the folding of the fabric is elegant and does not interfere with ventilation, for example.


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