WordPress reaches 50 million websites

The WordPress, open source content management system is one of the most popular of the Web. Now it is known that more than 50 million websites are using this system.

14% of websites around the world pass by WordPress.com. However small precision: WordPress.com hosts that half of them. During the month of June, hosted blogs have a combined traffic of over 2.5 billion page views, for a total of 283 million visitors.

WordPress reaches 50 million websites

Every day, there are also 500 000 new notes that are posted and some 400,000 comments. We also learn that blogs are written in 120 languages.

WordPress is also an application, which recently delivered in version 3.2 (Gershwin), was downloaded 1.34 million times in one week only. This version, faster and lighter, features a theme that can take advantage of some technologies from the HTML5. Note that, Internet Explorer 6 or PHP 4 and MySQL 4 are no longer supported.


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