The world of Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik is a fantastic medieval town, which is usually a perfect destination to enjoy as a couple, as it has many aspects to discover day by day, starting with its name that has only a few years of existence.

Previously, this city was known as Ragusa, it showed special details to guarantee a dream trip to each of the tourists who dare to perceive up close, each of the wonders that this site offers.
Old City of Dubrovnik known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', situated on the Dalmatian coast
Make every day that you have in these places are completely charming and you want to return sooner than you expect, alone or with the company you want, in the whole jewel of the Adriatic , as they call it.

Within the sites not to be missed in Dubrovnik you have the following


This you can meet in an immediate stop , seeing how cruise ships cruise on the waters of the Mediterranean front. You will have the best view to take all the photographs you want , according to the elegance that is found throughout the city. You will see how you breathe an atmosphere of a lot of Mediterranean essence, showing what the history means for Dubrovnik .

The famous Pile Gate has served to demonstrate a tourist entrance to what is a medieval-style mini-city


The famous Pile Gate has served to demonstrate a tourist entrance to what is a medieval-style mini-city, which you will find once you have passed through the door. Likewise, it is preceded by a raised bridge where you will appreciate the wonders that manage to hide behind the characteristic walls of the place.


Old City of Dubrovnik became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onwards

They are just behind the Pile Gate and in them you will see the best access to the charm that denotes the city of Dubrovnik , from all its extensions. You will start the tour according to all the visibility offered by this destination, once you have arrived. They are medieval walls that surround the old center of the city and is what assumes an attractive conformation that every tourist should appreciate from the proximity .


It is a crucial and striking axis in the city of Dubrovnik , where you will see that it is a street of maximum recurrence among all who inhabit and also tourists who have decided to visit this huge area of Croatia. It draws attention not only because of its large size but also because of its thunderous circular shape that denotes maximum beauty in its 16 faucets that are presented in the form of a mask.

Villa Dubrovnik, the most exclusive hotel in Croatia


After arriving at the end of the street you will find an iconic square, the Luza square, being a great point to not go unnoticed, but to show up as a tourist attraction in this place, taking the best pictures so that the Remember as one of the special points that you have available and that know how to highlight within your trip.


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