Writing texts with your voice is now possible in Microsoft Word

When we refer to the office programs that many of us use daily, without a doubt one of the references in the sector is Microsoft’s Word. This is a program focused on text editing that is part of Microsoft’s Office suite.

The truth is that this office solution has not stopped growing over the years, receiving new functions based on updates. That is why at this time it could be said that working with the program is something in which a lot of people invest a good number of hours every day. Thus, what is intended with the arrival of its latest features, is that we be as productive as possible.

Word will allow you to transcribe texts from audio files

That is why, more in these times, that all the new improvements that arrive for the application we are talking about, are more than welcome. Thus, in these same lines we are going to talk about one of those functions that will surely brighten the day of more than one. And it is that just a few hours ago Microsoft itself announced important improvements for its Word text application , all driven by the Azure Cognitive Services artificial intelligence platform .

Word will allow you to transcribe texts from audio files

First of all, we are going to talk about a new feature highly anticipated by many. Specifically, we refer to the transcription function of MS Word, which allows us to generate new texts in the editor, but with voice. In this way, it is the application itself that is in charge of transforming these voices into a new document . What’s more, we will also have the possibility of transcribing complete conversations with this that we are commenting on. We can also add that the feature is even capable of making the difference between the voice of several people in the same previously loaded recording.

Dictate Word

Thus, the transcript will appear in the Word document itself, along with the recording itself . This will allow us to take advantage of this transcription to create new personalized content in the program, which will be more productive. To be able to take advantage of all this that we tell you, we just have to click on the corresponding icon that has been created in the application to start the transcription. This is compatible with wav, mp3, and .mp4 file formats.

Of course, something that we must take into account is that at the moment this new function is now available in the version of Word for the web. This then affects Microsoft 365 subscribers , although it is also limited to working only on Edge and Chrome . At the moment it is not known if Firefox support is planned , or not. It should also be mentioned that at the moment this function only has support for English, although it is expected that this availability will increase with new languages ??in the future.

New support for using voice commands in Word

Changing third, another of the novelties that have also been added in this sense, is the possibility of using voice commands in Microsoft Word . As you can imagine, this will allow us to control certain functions of the same program, but all with your voice.

In this way, to give us an idea, we can put a specific phrase in bold, or open and close text documents . In addition, Microsoft says that we can speak naturally since Word recognizes everything we say. At this point, comment that voice commands will be activated in the desktop version of Word later this year and for Microsoft 365 subscribers.


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