Xiaomi Smart Walking Pad: Latest price and review

Xiaomi has always been an innovative company and takes its innovation to the next level. The Xiaomi walker is a portable treadmill that is perfect for home and office. Unlike other treadmills, it can be carried everywhere and has some very ingenious features.

Is the Xiaomi Smart Walking Pad treadmill worth it?

Is the Xiaomi Smart Walking Pad treadmill worth it?


Xiaomi walker features Xiaomi walker specifications

The weight of the walking pad: 28kgs
Folded dimensions: 82 CM X 55 CM X 13 CM.
Unfolded dimensions: 143CM X 55 CM X 13 CM
Remote control: Yes
Weight Limit: 90 kg
Maximum speed: 6kms / hr or 3.7miles / hr

Design of Xiaomi Walking Pad

You can’t talk about this product without talking about the design. This is one of the most unique products I’ve seen. Xiaomi has taken a very bulky product like a treadmill and made it portable and easy to move while giving the same experience. First, the product is a folding treadmill. It weighs about 28kgs, so it is quite heavy and requires at least two people to load it. But it can be carried easily and can be moved with the help of the wheels that are fixed.

  • The folding dimensions of this product are 82 CM X 55 CM X 13 CM.
  • The dimensions displayed are 143CM X 55 CM X 13 CM.

As you can see, the length is where the difference is since the width and height are the same for the folded and unfolded versions.

The top of the tape has the LED information screen and the buttons to turn it on.

Now I was concerned about the durability of this tape because even the gym’s great treadmills shake and vibrate when you move too much. That’s why Xiaomi has made it clear that this is a treadmill!

You can also adjust the speed of the Xiaomi Smart Walking Pad treadmill directly from your smartphone

You can also adjust the speed of the Xiaomi Smart Walking Pad treadmill directly from your smartphone

The maximum load capacity of the belt is 90kgs, which is heavier than the average human weighing about 70 odd kgs.

The device is made of alloy, which is quite robust and strong. The only element missing from this tape is the lack of handrails. Now, this is a very important component of a treadmill.

But you would not need a handrail for this walker because it has a maximum speed of 6kms. So it is not much. But this is still not recommended for older people who would need hand support.

Best price – $ 503

Function and use of Xiaomi Smart Walking Pad

Now, why would I need a walking pad when I can go for a walk outside or go for a run to the gym where there are other equipment. It was then that I realized that this walking pad is not intended to be used only for walking. But it is supposed to be used when you are doing something. While you work it is good to stand and walk and work. The same while studying or even watching television. It is the perfect time to do some exercise.

If you are a gym fan and you like to do your exercises, but you cannot go to the gym or go out because it is raining or for some other reason, the Xiaomi walker can help you.

As for storage, you can save it without problems.

So how do we make this work?

Although there are control buttons on the front of the treadmill, it can be a hassle to lower and control the walking platform. That is why Xiaomi sends a remote control along with the walking pad that allows you to increase the speed, reduce it and also turn the device on or off.

You can also adjust the speed of the treadmill directly from your smartphone. If you set the mode, the walker will only change the speeds according to the settings you create.

Knowing Xiaomi, it is a guarantee that they provide data on the walk you have done. You can access this information in the My Home App where it tells you the calories burned, the average speed, etc.

Keeping this treadmill powered is quite easy, you can plug the long extension cord into one of those plugs and you’ll be ready to leave.

When you finish your workout, you can fold it and store it under the bed or anywhere else.

Best price – $ 503

Final thoughts

Xiaomi Smart Walking Pad treadmill guarantee that they provide data on the walk you have done

Below $ 300, in my opinion, this is an absolute steal. Why? You cannot think of this as a simple device, but as a tool to improve your health. Most people spend a lot of time sitting while working or watching television. When you walk while doing these activities, you can guarantee that you will lose weight and improve your overall health. You don’t have to go to the gym or lift weights. You can see a marked difference in your weight and your overall health by simply using this device.

What makes this device even better is the portability feature. I mean that if you are a health fan, you can literally take this device wherever you go and use it perfectly.


Portable and easy to carry. The wheels help to move it and place it under the table.
The price is very reasonable considering that this costs 1/5 of a complete treadmill but plays a similar role.
There are speed variations and can be configured in the application
Application control and data history


There are no handrails. Xiaomi could have thought of providing a fixed handrail
The maximum speed is 6 kms / hour. So effectively once your body gets used to speed, it won’t do much in terms of weight loss. But it will keep your heart healthy!
It may not be good for the elderly, who will want more balance

Is Xiaomi Notepad worth it?

This ultimately depends on you or your circumstances. If your neighborhood is dangerous or too crowded and noisy for walks, then it is worth it. If you can go for a walk or run in peace or if there is a park near your home, then it is not worth buying a Xiaomi walker. Nor is it worth it for people who walk a lot.

Is the Xiaomi walker good for losing weight?

For a super-fit person, the Xiaomi walker is a pretty useless device. If you are in moderate form, but you need to improve your resistance, you could use the Xiaomi walking pad. But if you are not fit and do not exercise, you can lose weight with this device.

Is Xiaomi’s walker dangerous?

Older people and those who have balance problems should be careful with the Xiaomi walker. You can slip and fall like a normal treadmill. It does not come with any support that makes it dangerous. So going at low speed and staying focused is vital!

Can you run in the walker?

  • You can’t run in the Xiaomi walker. It has no side rails and it is not advisable to run in the walker. It’s also called the walker because Xiaomi expects you to walk on the machine.
  • Running can be harmful to the walking platform. The Xiaomi walker is built for light indoor exercise. Xiaomi has designed this so that people can do some cardio from the comfort of their home without taking up too much space.
  • People can lift weights at home with ease. But with the Xiaomi walker, they can do some cardio.

How much does the walker cost?

Xiaomi’s walking pad costs $ 562. You will find treadmills cheaper than this, but they are simple treadmills with limited features and take up too much space. One of the biggest benefits of the walking pad is its storage capacity and portability, which is not possible with normal treadmills.

Folding treadmills only serve two things: light walking and portability. Therefore, if you are looking for a light walk within the comforts of your home and need to keep a treadmill, then a folding belt is very effective.

A folding treadmill is not very good for intense exercise such as running or jogging. Folding treadmills are good for people who cannot leave their home for exercise or are good for people who are too lazy to leave their home.


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