YAHOO shares increase after dismissal of CEO Carol Bartz

For many, the last made by Yahoo layoffs have occurred similarly to previous times. The last of these has been the executive director of the American company, known as Carol Bartz.

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Previous years, who left the company was Jerry Yang, a founder of the company, who took his place, was Bartz, an expert in tracing corporate companies in difficult situations economically speaking. Carol Bratz was presented at that time as one of the greatest exponents of the firm, and apparently, everything indicated the success to the point that the company could compete against Google and Facebook.

But something did not work as everyone expected. Thus, the publicity which was commissioned Bartz had a drastic decline and this led to their competitors gain more ground. While the entrepreneur had generated profits of around 1,000 million dollars last year, apparently this is not sufficient for the company to produce innovations and thus is at a standstill in two places which are now of fundamental importance: motor search and social networking.

Bartz has led to significant changes in the company’s executive team, which led to significant downsizing and to improve the statistics hide the fact that advertising sales were in decline.

However, nothing served to improve the situation and overcome what seemed lost. One of the clearest examples is that its main competitor, Google, advanced and innovated with its own social network. On the other hand, Yahoo has had a decline in visits by 33% during the term of Carol Bartz.

After Bartz has been dismissed on 6th september, the company’s shares had an increase of 6%. Some experts are saying that the company could be sold, but others say it will not be convenient.


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