Yoga inverted postures can bring great virtues for health

Woman Yoga inverted posture

Yoga is an ancient discipline and its origin dates back to India. It is about seeking the balance of body, mind and spirit for an optimal state of well-being. However, inverted Yoga postures can bring great health benefits . So you should take a look at them to go more to the safe.


The positions of inverted Yoga are the positions less practiced, but those that result with great virtues for health. In this sense, said asanas help to delay aging. This theory is determined in that each person has a soma, that is to say a liquid that is in the head and is exhausted with the breaths. Therefore, as these positions are practiced, it prevents the flow from being rapid and, therefore, lengthens life.

Also, inverted postures help to activate circulation in the blood , which will make the blood oxygenate, circulate better and go faster to the organs of the body. Not to mention that it is important for the lymph. In other words, the inverted positions cleanse the lymphatic system, which acts as a protective mesh of the body to retain excess proteins and bacteria, collect toxins and carry them to the lymph nodes where they will be eliminated.

Man invested posture

Another benefit that is attributed to him is that of a restful rest, since it helps to minimize muscle tension and relieve stress , which in the end will make you have a more pleasant sleep. On the other hand, it also provides a cleansing skin to keep it away from imperfections and acne and give it light.

So if you are already familiar with the most common Yoga postures , it may be a good time to try to do the inverted asanas to enjoy all its positive effects .


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