Young-suk Kim’s ± Water will monitors the spending tap

Young-suk Kim's +- Water will monitors the spending tap

Valves such as Sunrise Faucet or Enigma give us an overview of taps that will equip the revolutionary cuisine of tomorrow . In the same vein, the designer Young-Suk Kim has designed a meter that original appeal to those who are often surprised by the amount of their bills.

The Korean designer presents his concept ± Water, a meter installed on the faucets to know the volume of water flow. More specifically, he places himself at the mouth of the faucet. At first, it records the amount in liters and then the monetized. Therefore, the user is always informed of the expense each time they use the tap. ± Water is retractable and can be used with various faucets or pipes, provided that the size of the latter is compatible with the meter, of course. It has a digital display on LED screen and a propeller that calculates the volume of water passing through the device.


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