Youtube to sell merchandising, music and concerts tickets

A couple of days ago Google announced that YouTube receives 800 million visits per month and plays more than 3 billion videos a day. The most popular video site in the world is a platform for continued growth and it seems that the native of Mountain View company wants to exploit its full options.

YouTube managers just publicize a new business plan that includes the sale of official merchandising, digital downloads and tickets for performances directly from the site. To carry out this proposal the platform owned by Google has partnered with several reputable companies.

Topspin will be responsible for providing merchandising and event tickets, Songkick will also provide concert tickets, iTunes and Amazon, meanwhile, will be responsible for the sale of digital content. The different services work together under the name of “Merch Store” feature that will be available in the coming weeks.

At the moment Google declined to provide details related to the division of the profits from sales, but confirmed that a small percentage will be intended only to cover costs. The idea is really attractive and has a great future as the popular video site would increase his power to promote artists.

The release of “Merch Store” will be very interesting as well as causing a massive landing of bands and singers on YouTube will allow fans to have an easier interaction with your favorite artists. Let’s wait to see what reception will get this proposal, but since we can imagine that the public will be very satisfied.


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