Zip Touch-n-Go, a station that supports 16 devices simultaneously

Zip Touch-n-go, a station that supports 16 devices simultaneously
Mobile phone, walkman, Tablet PCs, eBooks and other laptops, to charge devices abound in the house. This is why the company The Joy Factory has created a gadget that seems to address this problem, his name: Zip Touch-n-Go.

This is a charging station that can accommodate up to 16 different devices. Zip Touch-n-Go comes with several cables with various connector types, and the USB connection to plug for Apple gadgets. Zip Touch-n-Go has 16 ports that receive the magnetic wire for a load but not through magnetic induction. In addition it displays an organic design. With this universal charger, save your time and keep in one place to all the disorder and the dispersion devices. The families connected and keen on technology will find their account surely.

Zip Touch-n-Go is advertised at 54 €. The control can be done now for delivery in April.


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