Zulu URL Risk Analyzer, the tool calculates the web site security

How safe is a Web site? How do you see that a site is really safe? And most importantly, we web users, as you can ensure that a site can not provoke damage? These are just some of a series of questions that are difficult to answer precisely. Even considering that the actual security of 100% does not exist, you need more significant considerations, least able to estimate what may be the level of security that characterizes a particular site.
Zulu URL Risk Analyzer the tool calculates the web site security
This is the goal that was reached, or at least hopefully, with a very interesting online service, called Zulu URL Risk Analyzer. It is a tool to quantify numerically, considering a finite set of parameters that are most discriminating in the matter, the degree of security of the web resource. The algorithm behind the operation of this security scanner is based on the survey of three focal points:
Content verification: Inspection of the content of the web pages of the site looking for any potentially harmful code
Checking the URL: URL comprehensive inspection to identify patterns or dangerous elements of the system black list
Checking host: Check the reputation of IP, DNS and other network features.
The result that comes from Zulu URL Risk Analyzer is a value between 0 and 100, which indicates that the site is risky. At high values are significantly lower levels of security. The final figure is calculated based on the various tests listed above, accompanied by an indicator of risk, which may be benign, suspicious or malignant.

As for reliability, the service has seemed at times compelling and at other times not credible because the analysis of a specific resource by all deemed reliable and safe and that he never caused trouble for anyone, was a degree of risk of 100/100. That is patently absurd. However, the draft Zscaler is very interesting and, if improved, may be important to a utility for users of the web.


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